A Card from a Client


After the fire that occurred on Wednesday 11/17/2021 at 4:30 am that burnt the Massage Cabin to the ground at the YMCA of the Rockies in Estes Park, CO, I returned to the site days later. I returned looking for a heavy metal toy that was my grandfathers as a child. I thought if anything survived the fire it would be that toy – a black horse fondly named “$20 grand”. Although I didn’t find the toy, I did find it interesting as to what God the universe wanted me to see. One was a card from a loyal client from Dallas. She and her family come year after year to the Y and are cabin donors. I give massages to the women in that particular family and have become their friends. The card was sent to me on 9/11/2019 and is a picture of a big brown bear walking through grass, looking tired. The sentiments in the card reads:

Dear Laura,

This sweet bear reminds me of how I felt when I arrived in Estes; tired and lumbering along….

THANK – YOU for all your loving care. I think your massages helped me so much – body and spirit! You were the hands of Jesus, hands of healing, gentleness and love. I am so grateful for the time and attention you paid to my body. I feel so (underlined) much better and I have a new conviction about taking better care of myself.

Anyway – God bless you in your work and your life – you are such a joy bringer – breath of fresh air, loving person. It is a privilege to know you :-). xo, Signed.

I wanted to document this card in a short blog. It exemplified in writing what so many clients have said. Now, I want to throw the smelly ash, burnt on the edges, card away. Remembering the heart who wrote it. Remember the heart as I read it the first time. Remembering the heart that created us all. Now, it’s documented and I”m throwing it out! This is a part of self care too.