Massage Therapy


YMCA of the Rockies, Estes Park Center
Oak Cabin on Friendship Lane (up the road from the Arts & Design Center)
2515 Tunnel Rd
Estes Park, CO 80511

Hours of Operation: Open now!  2019

Summer/Fall Seasons 2019 :
May 1 – September 31, 2019: Open Daily 9-6, extended evening hours mid July through mid August
October 2019: Open daily 9-6 (except Tuesday’s)

Schedule Appointment:  If on grounds, use binder on porch of Oak Cabin on Friendship lane or call number below. 

May through October 2019:

Call (970) 586-3341 Ext. 4101 or just Ext. 4101 from any YMCA phone. Or better yet stop by Oak Cabin and use binder on porch:

The best way to schedule your appointments in our high season May through October is to call ahead to secure your select time and day OR if you’re already at the YMCA grounds, it is most expedient to stop by Oak Cabin on Friendship lane where you will find an appointment binder on the porch 24/7.  You can conveniently use this binder to schedule your own appointment. Simply select and day and time that works for you and by putting your name in the binder, you are confirmed.  24 hour cancellation policy or full charge applies.

Please note: we do fill up, schedule your appointment early!  But you can also try last minute.

Homegrown Yoga & Massage uses an integrative approach to massage therapy, incorporating a variety of massage modalities depending on what style of massage you request and what your body needs. Massage modalities may include relaxing Swedish massage to Deep Therapeutic Massage, Trigger Point Therapy, Myofascial Release, Assisted Stretching, Reflexology, Hot Stone, and Prenatal massage. We listen to your unique body and needs, creating the perfect massage that will bring you the most benefit, helping you feel your best.

  • Homegrown Signature Massage: An integrative, health promoting massage, custom designed to meet your body’s needs. Sure to leave you feeling relaxed, renewed and in touch with your very best.
  • Hot Stone Massage: Heated basalt stones are placed on specific areas of the body and glided along major muscle groups using warm massage oil. This treatment eases muscle aches and tightness and is deeply relaxing and nurturing.  Slip into bliss!
  • Hikers Feet Heaven & Treat Your Feet: This soothing foot treatment starts off with warm towels and a deeply nourishing warm paraffin wax, covered with foot booties and allowed to do it’s magic for some time, followed by a foot massage (with specific pressure points) to restore circulation, foot mobility, and ease tension. Need grounding, relaxation or a little TLC after a hike? “Hikers feet heaven” is for you! Ooo la la!

Homegrown Signature Massage (+$5/30 min for deep tissue)

30 min $45 (perfect for achy feet or a great neck and back massage)
60 min $85 (perfect for full body massage focusing on relaxation and health promotion)
90 min $125 (allows additional time to focus on a certain pain issue)
120 min $160 (perfect for a full body massage with a focus on certain pain issues and/or multiple massage modalities)

No Time Add ons:

Fruit Refresh: $10. Service includes citrus aromatherapy and shot of fresh juice after the massage.  Orange and Grapefruit available.  A nice way to refresh,  and receive a “pick me up”.  24 hour advanced notice required.

Deep Tissue: +$5/each 30 min. If you need really deep work – ask for this! Although we don’t ever create pain for pain sake, we do realize some people enjoy and need a very deep massage. We will use trigger point therapy, myofascial release, METs, stretching, deep sustained pressure, and other techniques to reduce adhesions, improve circulation, improve range of motion, and get you to feeling better.  

Hot stone massage: + $15. Service is a no time add on.  Description above. Benefits: heat penetrates muscle for a deeper relaxation. Sensation of rock and oil is unusually nourishing. Improves circulation, relieves tensions, induces parasympathetic response. Slip into bliss with hot stones!!

Hikers Feet Heaven & Treat Your Feet massage: + $10. Service is a no time add on. Description above. Benefits: Relieves tensions, softens calluses, improves circulation, and helps to maintain overall foot and ankle health.

Head, Neck, and Face:  $55/30 min. This is a 30 minute massage focusing on head, neck and face. We use warm organic oil infused with a rose botanical to create a soothing, invigorating massage experience.

*Four pack: Buy four 60 minute massages for $320. We ask that you pay up front for all four, please, and give us the last name the party is under so we can track them.

Body Brushing:  $10. For the first ten minutes of the massage the therapist will use a soft bristle body brush to invigorate the skin, circulation, and lymphatic system, using small quick strokes called “dry brushing”.  You take the brush home to continue daily for a highly recommended addition to your self care routine.  It’s amazing! 

Complimentary warm towel treatment and aromatherapy (lavender or eucalyptus) on all massages.  

Payments: All forms of payment accepted at the massage cabin. Cash, check and room charges preferred. Credit cards accepted as well.

Gift Certificates: Available at massage cabin – stop by. Call ahead and I’ll have it ready for you. They’re pretty and everyone enjoys a gifted massage!  I can mail them to you or your loved one as well.

Cancellation Policy: 24 hour cancellation or 100% charged, except for medical emergencies. 

Insurance Billing: We do not bill insurance companies for massage services unless you are a local and regularly receive therapeutic massage here. As a local, you also must inquire and get permission for insurance billing before the service. Thank you!


“That was the best $140 I ever spent.”  David, Fort Collins, CO
“That was seriously the best massage I’ve ever had. You are so intuitive, and that is important!” Haley, Firestone,CO
“Few people are really good at what they do.  Laura, you are excellent!”  John, Dallas, TX
“It’s so nice to meet a person who is living their calling” Anonymous.
“I couldn’t lift my arm to the side at all due to a frozen shoulder. I was in a lot of pain. After Laura’s massage, I can lift my arm all the way to the ceiling and there’s no pain. Thank you Laura!” Anonymous
“We come to the massage cabin every year and always look forward to it. It’s a wonderful service and much appreciated.” Anonymous
“I haven’t felt this relaxed in a very long time.” Joshua, Longmont, CO
“You run a very nice business here.  It’s uplifting ”  Tara, Nebraska.
“I enjoy a deep massage and Laura is the only therapist that has given me the deep pressure I like.” Anonymous