Yoga Classes


A variety of yoga classes are offered free of charge to all YMCA of the Rockies guests, staff and volunteers. Community members pay a daily grounds usage fee of $25 (which is purchased as the Sweet Memorial Building and allows you access to all YMCA programs and facilities for the day – great deal!!). Classes include a variety of morning, afternoon and evening yoga classes. Morning weekend classes are a vinyasa flow all level yoga classes where the class focuses on beginning levels, yet more advanced postures are suggested for students who are able to do them. Classes are based on Integral Yoga with a vinyasa flair, uniquely tailored to the group and designed to bring out your best – homegrown style.  Each class ends in a deep relaxation.  Tuesday nights Sunset Power Yoga Classes are more rigorous, starting with Sun A and Sun B, yet participants are always encouraged to practice at their own level, and modifications are offered according to ability.  For Tuesday and weekend classes, participants ought to be able to do downward dog and lunges, and be able to get up and down from the floor.  If someone wants to use a chair and join us, please contact me ahead of time as I really try to keep families together who want to share yoga!!  All ages and abilities welcome and we’ll make it work! Thursday afternoon chair class features a centering, gentle chair yoga class which focuses on joint mobilization and building muscular strength/flexibility/balance slowly and gently, with the support of a chair – something everyone sits on daily!! So it’s great for everyone 🙂  These skills can be used at work, on an airplane, or anywhere.

Yoga Class Schedule:  2022:  

Classes are held at YMCA of the Rockies in Estes Park.  All classes are one hour long.  Sign up required online or at Sweet Memorial building.  Free of charge for YMCA guests, staff and volunteers. 

Private group classes are also available for any sort of group such as weddings, conferences, family reunions, or one or one.  Prices vary for private groups.  Please inquire.  Mats provided. 

YOGA CLASSES – schedule for 2023 is not out yet.  Private classes available by appointment.  Email:

Day Time Class Location – Months Offered
Tuesday:  5:30pm Vinyasa Flow- all levels Legett Youth Center/Day Camp – Memorial weekend through Labor Day weekends
Sunday 9:00 am Vinyasa Flow – all levels Legett Youth Center/Day Camp – Memorial Weekend through Labor Day weekend.

Please confirm with weekly Activity Guide

Mats and Blocks: bring your own if you have one; otherwise mats are available.
Chairs: available at chair yoga class.

Weddings, Family reunions, Conferences, Groups: private yoga instruction for individuals and groups is also available.  Yoga offers an awesome way to reconnect, unwind from travels, or focus a group in playful meaningful way.    Chairs are also used for elderly participants allowing full family involvement!   I can also take pictures at end of class or whenever you like as a nice memo.  A harmonium or pump organ is also an option for chanting sweet songs together.  Consider adding a yoga class to your vacation or conference schedule.  It’s a gem!  Please inquire regarding prices and availability.  I also will work one on one with people with any sort of need or disability, and we can discover together in a personalized yoga session how yoga may benefit you and your particular health needs.

Individual Yoga Instruction in person or Zoom:  massage offers unique insight into where a person’s body is weak, overworked, overstressed, over stretched, and where a person has sustained their focus most likely during their work day, creating stiffness and aches or the feeling of tightness or crankiness.   to remain and promote wellness we want to be in a state of ease not dis-ease.  Our body talks.  If we listen to the signs early and adjust we can prevent many pain issues down the road.  I highly recommend and suggest that you schedule a half hour private yoga instruction class with me.  I don’t recommend that we do the class after your massage as you will be in a state of awakened relaxation, but I do recommend that we do it before you leave from vacation or when you return home.   Many people wonder if the effects of a massage will last.  This depends.  Our habits and lifestyle are what dictates most of this.  Let’s talk and get you living at your best. Yoga and massage are great assets to your self-care tool kit.  It is recommended that you have a monthly massage at the very least; every other week if you can afford it.  If you are having a pain issue it is often recommended that you have two or three sessions within the week, two days apart.  With yoga, it is said if you do yoga three times a week it will change your body, and if you do yoga five times a week it will change your life.  I am actually more flexible and comfortable in my body then I was in high school.  I can’t do a back flip flop or back flip any longer, but I can do a lot more and am honestly more flexible with less aches and pains.  Did you ever see the movie “My Big Fat Greek Wedding” where the father of the bride poses windex as a solution to any problem?  Well, that’s like me but I use yoga! 

Namaste 🙂