Yoga Classes


Private group and individual yoga instruction available anytime of year. Text me to inquire and schedule!  Zoom classes available from a distance and privately as well. 

Summer 2024

Several weekly yoga classes are held per week and are free to YMCA guests, volunteers and staff.  People not staying at the Y and community members can join class by paying  a daily grounds usage fee of $29 which is purchased as the Sweet Memorial Building the day of class and allows you access to all YMCA programs and facilities for the day – great deal!!

Summer 2024 schedule is set and outlined in grid below.  Tuesday evening and mostly saturday morning classes  are an all level vinyasa flow class.  The class focuses on beginning levels, yet more advanced postures are suggested for students who are able to do them. Classes are based on Integral Yoga with a vinyasa flair, uniquely tailored to the group and designed to bring out your best – homegrown style.  Each class ends in a deep relaxation or yoga nidra.

Participants ought to be able to do downward dog and lunges, and be able to get up and down from the floor.  If someone who is not able to do that would like to join class, the person can use a chair and join class.  In this case, please contact me ahead of time or come to class a little early to chat about your ability.  In this way families can do yoga together when abilities vary considerably.   All ages and abilities are welcome.

Please know, the classes are not “kids yoga”.   There is plenty of space for children to join the class and hang out on the couches in the back of the room quietly if they lose interest.  If the children are enthusiastic about yoga I can have the demonstrate a pose!  As well, adults who don’t want to do the yoga but may want to come and be a part of it can also sit on the couches quietly while other family members are doing yoga.  You’ll receive benefit just sitting quietly and observing the sacredness of yoga while all of our bodies are moving and living intentionally together.

Yoga Class Schedule:  2024:   

Classes are held at YMCA of the Rockies in Estes Park in Legett Youth Center.  Legett is located on Friendship Lane on the way to the horse stables.  All classes are one hour long.  Sign up required online or at Sweet Memorial building.  Free of charge for YMCA guests, staff and volunteers. 

Day Time Class Location – Months Offered
Monday: TBD
Tuesday: 5:30 pm All Levels Vinyasa June 4, 11, 18, 25 and July 2, 9, 16, 23, 30, and August 6, 13 all in Legett Youth Center on Friendship lane
Wednesday TBD
Thursday TBD
Friday TBD
Saturday 9:00 am All Levels Viyasa June 8, 15, 22 (none on 29), July 6, 13, 20, 27 and August (none on 3) 10, 17
Sunday 9:00 am All Levels Vinyasa May 26 and August 4 only, Legett Youth Center on Friendship Lane

Mats and Blocks: bring your own if you have one; otherwise mats are available.

Chairs: available at chair yoga class.

Weddings, Family reunions, Conferences, Groups: private yoga instruction for individuals and groups is also available. Yoga offers an awesome way to reconnect with loved ones, unwind from travels, or focus a group in a ceremonial, embodied and health promoting way. Chairs are also used for elderly participants allowing full family involvement! I can also take pictures at end of class or whenever you like as a nice memo. A harmonium or pump organ is also an option for chanting sweet songs together.  Words are chosen based on your groups theme.  Consider adding a yoga class to your vacation or conference schedule. It’s a memorable gem!   I also will work one on one with people with any sort of need or disability, and we can discover together in a personalized yoga session how yoga may benefit you and your particular health needs.   Prices for private groups are as follows: (mats and location are provided) 

  • One person for a 1:1 is $125 per hour with a three punch pass discount of $300.  
  • Two or three people is $150.
  • Youth groups and groups aligned with the current YMCA of the Rockies discounts such as veterans among others are a flat rate of $150 per group with $125 per group sliding scale.  Maximum of 40 people. 
  • Groups (outside of youth groups or groups aligned with current YMCA discounts) consisting of four and above are $20 per person with a minimum of $150.  Sliding scale for groups is $15 per person based on need and request, no questions asked.  Maximum is 40 people.   

Individual Yoga Instruction in person or Zoom after you leave the Y: One on one yoga instruction can be very advantageous and helpful whether you are just beginning, have been practicing a while, or recently suffered an injury or suffer from an acute or chronic pain condition due to posture, daily life and stress.  I can work with you on alignment,  integration of mind-body-spirit in the postures, assessing if you are over reaching with your body (losing power) or under-reaching (suppressing power), introduce you to basic yoga postures so you can practice at home or join a class more empowered, introduce you to new yoga postures to continue to grow, and provide tips on how to incorporate small yoga pauses throughout your day to promote wellbeing in mind-body-spirit and productivity in line with your values.    We can do this in person while you are at the YMCA as well as via zoom when you leave the YMCA.   By using evidence based yoga postures, breath and awareness practices we can work together to bring your body and joints into balance leaving you feeling better in mind body and spirit.

If we listen to the language of our unique body, adjust habits and gradually add skills with consistent practice, we can prevent many pain issues down the road and live more fully, more engaged.   For example, if you have chronic pain, low back pain, bulging discs, a grumpy mind at work etc, carefully composed and executed yoga postures, breathing, and mindfulness practice can help.  I’ve seen and experienced the benefits of yoga over and over and over.

Yoga helps continue the benefits of massage.  Sometimes people may wonder if the effects of a massage will last.  This depends and they certainly can. The benefits lasting actually depends on us.  Our habits and lifestyle are what benefit us most.  Massage is definitely a healing and health promoting modality you can take advantage of and enjoy.  It manipulates soft tissue and increases circulation, no doubt.  Lean into it and enjoy it while you’re receiving and engaging with the healing energy, pressure and techniques of the skilled massage therapist.  Massage is definitely an important tool in your healthy lifestyle toolbox.  TLC and time to breakaway from the demands of life is a beneficial step toward healing and reimagining life in a peaceful balanced and engaged way.    Still further, your daily mindfulness habits and consistent yoga practice will help you meet daily life with confidence, keep the relief you felt during a massage going, and take you to new, better and healthier results you will be able to notice and enjoy.

How often is best to receive a massage?  It is recommended that you have a monthly massage at the very least; every other week if you can afford it.  If every six weeks resonates more with you then go with that.  If you are having a pain issue it is often recommended that you have two or three sessions within the week, two days apart.

How often is best to do yoga?  Any movement is better than no movement.  I read that a person ought not sit for more than 60 minutes (some sources say 30) without getting up and moving around (squats, warrior II, side bends, for ex).  But specifically with yoga, it is often said “if you do yoga three times a week it will change your body, and if you do yoga five times a week it will change your life”.  As a testimony, I am actually more flexible and more pain free in my body then I was in high school.  I can’t do a back flip flop or back flip any longer, but I can do a lot more and am honestly more flexible with less aches and pains.  Did you ever see the movie “My Big Fat Greek Wedding” where the father of the bride poses windex as a solution to any problem?  Well, that’s like me but I say yoga!  Yoga helps everything.  Got a problem? Put some yoga on it!

Namaste 🙂