Rules to Live By


Laura’s values clarification and guiding principles: (a working, ever evolving synopsis and thought paper to be updated on a periodic basis and expanded upon in future blog posts)

Rule #1:  do no harm. no harm to others, no harm to yourself.

Rule #2: it’s all of us or none of us – everyone is part of the divine family, completely necessary and has gifts/abilities to share

Rule #3:  I have unique gifts to share that are empowered by God and needed in this moment (and so do you!)

Rule #4: growth & change are an inevitable gift

Rule #5:  God is real and provides

Rule #6:  Life is Good

Rule #7:  Helping people is healthy for the person who helps

Rule #8:  Lifestyle adds up (exercise, eat well, sleep enough, rest, develop relationships, have hobbies)

Rule #9:  Honesty is the best policy

Rule #10:  Creativity is the center of my life and the essence of health.  some people call it mindfulness, the God within.

Rule #11:  The earth is sacred, alive, provides medicine, and needs to be deeply respected, appreciated and protected.

Rule #12;  Be kind and generous – it’s self sustaining

I felt the need to clarify what I believe is true and good, and what is necessary for me to be aware of in this moment as guiding principles for my life.  I will update this on an ongoing basis and expand on the ideas in separate blogs.