Covid-19 Response

Homegrown Yoga and Massage has been closely monitoring the COVID-19 Pandemic and implications for massage therapy since March 11, 2020. Massage services were not offered throughout the Winter 20/21. Services will open May 15th. Many steps and inherent attributes of the massage cabin are in place to help protect people from COVID-19 spread. Our massage cabin is well ventilated with open air (but not cold!) and an air filter runs in the treatment room. The Therapist wears a face mask and a face shield. Clients are required to wear a substantial face mask (not a bandana) and the nose and mouth must be covered during the entire massage according to current regulations.

There continues to be risk at this time with COVID-19, particularly when you are within 6 feet of another person for an extended period of time. In addition to ventilation, social distancing and mask wearing, we do know that vaccines are highly effective at protecting people from the virus, yet not a guarantee. All therapists are vaccinated and have passed through the wait time for protection. We also understand the many wonderful benefits of massage and know people are hankering for an awesome massage at this time in particular. In an effort to keep everyone safe, we will continue to monitor COVID-19, risks for massage profession, and pertinent Colorado laws to keep up to date with all regulations. We of course check symptoms and take temperatures before every massage and take contact information for contact tracing purposes by law. We want to remain open, provide a beneficial health promoting service and continue to keep all clients safe and healthy. We are here to serve you.


Face mask required at all times by therapist and guests in massage cabin

Symptom checks before massage – including temperature

6 feet social distance except during massage

The Massage Cabin has implemented the following protocols as regulated by DORA:

  • Employee strict hygiene guidelines and cleaning and disinfection procedures for all contact surfaces and tools.
  • Ensure a minimum of six feet of separation between clients/customers when not directly performing service.
  • no more than 10 people in a common business space at one time, regardless of partitions or facility square footage. (we only allow two people at a time in the massage cabin and ask that all talking be done on the porch before entering!)
  • Clean and disinfect all financial transaction equipment after each use. (we handle all equipment and ask clients not to)
  • Clean and disinfect all service equipment and dispose of porous or soft materials as single use if a disposable cover can’t be used.
  • Avoid entering homes when possible to give massage.
  • Use face cradle covers and change the after each appointment.
  • Client must we are a mask even when the client’s face is in the cradle.
  • Must have a written sick employee policy shared with employees and available upon request.
  • Must have signage clearly posted at entrance requiring masking, 6 feet physical distancing and 10 people or less in the business/facility. 
  • Must abide by OSHA environmental hygiene standards related to COVID-19Clean and disinfect any equipment that is shared between customers/patients between customers/patients
  • Must maintain a detailed log of customer interactions to enable contract tracing if necessary to include, name, date, and location of contact as well as the contact’s phone number and/or email address
  • Conduct symptom and temperature checks and refer symptomatic therapists to CDPHE Symptom Tracker; symptomatic employees must be excluded from the workplace and may only return after 7 days if they have been fever free, without the use of medication for 72 hours.
  • Therapists must wear mask or face covering at all times.
  • Use meticulous and frequent hand washing.
  • If you must enter a private home inquire whether any household members have had symptoms or contact with known positive cases. If so, do not enter.
  • Provide service by appointment only (no walk-ins or waiting lines). Call Ext. 4101 from a Y phone. or 970-586-3341 Ext. 4101 on an outside line. You can also text me 720-218-1953 or email:
  • Require customers to wear cloth face coverings or masks, and only perform services that can be done without a customer removing their mask.
  • Conduct symptom checks for customers prior to providing services and decline to provide services to symptomatic customers.
  • Provide contactless payment options (whenever possible), or utilize disposable paper, tissues, etc. to handle credit cards and cash.
  • Communal gathering spaces, such as locker rooms or waiting rooms, are strictly prohibited. (we have a nice porch where you can sit in the open air prior to your appointment. Please arrive ten minutes early)